Historic Fallsington

The following text is an unattributed contribution to a commemorative event of the Fallsington Friends Meeting, dated either 1924 or 1933. It lyrically describes the site and notes significant family names.

The three Friends graveyards discussed lie near Meetinghouse Square

The last of these appears to have been partially obscured by roadbuilding.

In the eastern part of Bucks County, PA, in the townships of Falls and on the outskirts of the little village of Fallsington, are two Friends Meeting Houses with their graveyards and an elementary day-school belonging to the Orthodox branch, all close together.  The older of those Meeting Houses, bearing the date 1789 on it eastern gable, belongs to Hicksite Friends and is a substantial stone building facing the south and the road which separates it from the large burial-ground opposite.  It is on high ground and back of it in the same yard, with rolling ground between, is the Orthodox Meeting House, also of stone and of capacious size, with the date 1841 on its eastern end.

The grounds surrounding the two Meeting Houses are irregularly hilly and shaded by great magnificent oaks, which lend much beauty and equal attraction to the place.

In the Orthodox wall -enclosed burial-ground, just at the back of the Meeting House, the interments have been made mostly with families of the same names together in rows.  There may be read the names of Lippincott, Kirkbride, Lovett, Healy, Moon, Burgess, Satterthwaite, Price, Comfort, Eastburn, and others, all graves marked in accord with Friends’ restrictions.  The wall about the yard is stone with a beveled rough cast capping, while the shade trees and the uneven surface of the ground lend beauty and an atmosphere of peace and repose to the spot.

The Orthodox Burial Ground at Fallsington is rather more attractive to the observer than the older ground of the Hicksite a few rods to the southward, in front of the older Meeting House where about two-thirds of the space forming the oldest section is a plain green lawn unbroken by the sight of memorial stones.  Among the names seen on the stones in the lower and western section are Palmer, Stackhouse, Warner, Kelly, Headley, Hance, Albertson, and Satterthwaite. The caretaker’s dwelling is between this and another cemetery also belonging to Falls Meeting………

Just beyond the caretaker house the newer Burial Ground where are memorial stones recording the name of Breece, Burton, Croasdale, Crozer, Lovett, Stackhouse, Satterthwaite, Thor, Watson, Wharton and Woolman. This burial plot is quite open to the sunlight, but about the Meeting Houses are many ancient trees, which show evidence of being older than any of the oldest buildings.

Key to the Map
1 Gillingham Store - Historic Fallsington Office
Museum Store
Fallsington Antique & Craft Shop
2 Burges-Lippincott House
3 Pleasants House
4 Hough House
5 Gambrel Roof House or
The 2nd Meetinghouse
5A First Public School
6 Schoolmaster’s House
7 William Penn Center
3rd Meetinghouse
8 4th and Current Meetinghouse
9 Stagecoach Tavern
10 11 Main Street
11 Brick House - 16 Main Street
12 The Gothic Revival Houses -
45, 51, 57, and 64 Main Street
13 46 Main Street
14 All Saints Episcopal Church
15 Fallsington Library
16 Fallsington United Methodist Church
17 The Manor House
18 Three Federal Houses -
21, 25, and 31 Yardley Avenue
19 The Moon-Williamson Log House
20 11 Yardley Avenue
21 10 Yardley Avenue