Historic Fallsington
Built as a home by a saddler, Allen Lippincott, around 1808, with additions over the following 15 or so years.

Fieldstone exterior, both original structure and later additions. Wood frame and plaster interior.

Home, with use of the office addition as an office by Dr. Henry Lippincott, a son of Allen

Current Owner

Historic Fallsington, Inc.

The front door and the mantles and staircase of the house are notable for especially fine carved details

The filing of plans to raze the structure and possibly replace it with a service station sparked the founding of Historic Fallsington, Inc. in 1953.

Key to the Map
1 Gillingham Store - Historic Fallsington Office
Museum Store
Fallsington Antique & Craft Shop
2 Burges-Lippincott House
3 Pleasants House
4 Hough House
5 Gambrel Roof House or
The 2nd Meetinghouse
5A First Public School
6 Schoolmaster’s House
7 William Penn Center
3rd Meetinghouse
8 4th and Current Meetinghouse
9 Stagecoach Tavern
10 11 Main Street
11 Brick House - 16 Main Street
12 The Gothic Revival Houses -
45, 51, 57, and 64 Main Street
13 46 Main Street
14 All Saints Episcopal Church
15 Fallsington Library
16 Fallsington United Methodist Church
17 The Manor House
18 Three Federal Houses -
21, 25, and 31 Yardley Avenue
19 The Moon-Williamson Log House
20 11 Yardley Avenue
21 10 Yardley Avenue